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Re: American Militia

Best scores for a Strelets set on PSR ever??? Certainly well deserved but - and I know this can be subjective and expectations change over time - this surpasses some sets that have got 9s and 10s in the sculpting department in my book ;)

By the way, the mystery last figure looks like an officer of Maryland militia to me:

My personal choices for future sets (in addition to the planned Tecumseh) are US Dragoons, Canadian Voltigeurs, US round-jacket regulars (Scott's Brigade), US Militia in tunics on the northern fronts and British Marines in post 1812 dress.

Re: American War of 1812 Militia

I was at the Salute show in London yesterday and Harfields said the US War of 1812 Militia set are selling like hot cakes. They'd already sold all boxes within 2 hours of the show starting and a similar story with mail order.

Might need to cast some more of these, Strelets!

Re: American War of 1812 Militia

thats good to seems to be a very versatile set.some of my figures are going to the alamo and the war with mexico,besides 1812.
i better get a few more boxes when i can before they sell out.