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Re: **** Short Set Runs!

Based on what you wrote I contacted the dealers I usually buy from both online and at a store. They contacted their UK distributors and asked about ordering Boer Infantry in particular. They were all told Strelets have never sent re-stocks or informed them of re-stocks so they are classed as no longer in production.

Most stores use specific distributors in the UK or are part of larger chain of stores where a central office orders items.

If the sets are in continued production it might be a good idea for Strelets sales team to let UK distributors know what sets can be re-stocked.

I note two dealers in Europe say the same thing -no longer in production and, as far as the Boers go, I have found no sets online at all.


Re: **** Short Set Runs!

Dear Terry,

Foot Boers are indeed out of stock.
In your root message you mentioned other sets, that are still freely available, that's why we interfered.
Best regards,