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Re: World War I British Artillery By Pierre-Jacques Ober

Hi there ... Thank you so much for your feedback on the graphic novel's tests. Very valuable and true. I will have to spend a bit more time on it before I feel " I got it right ". Fine balance and difficult exercise. The models and the image making seems easy compare to it. I guess you are German, I am French living in Australia. So you and I are familiar with the world of graphic novels. It is part of our culture since childhood. But because my project is new territory as far as graphic novels go, one has to satisfy the basic rules and grammar of the genre while finding original ways to put it together according to this new technic. Which has limitations. It is a very interesting exercise. I think that at the end of the day, it is about trusting one's personal style. We cannot please or satisfy everyone like Hollywood does in film or Marvel does in comics with formula driven products. And for me, it is ultimately an homage to the "little soldiers". To something which has filled my imagination since I was a child. Combined with the respect due to the unfortunate men of all countries who were sent to war against each others. For not much at the end.
I had a good look at your diorama about trench war in 1918. Very impressive. You did an amazing work on the trenches, the mud, the barbed wire, etc. The painting of the soldiers is excellent, much better than mine and the tanks also are looking great. The "stand out" being the network of trenches. Very cinematographic. Very energetic. Some parts work really well as "scenes" amongst the bigger action. Very, very nice. A real movie feel.
I am in the process of registering to Benno's forum. I am waiting for his "secret answer to the secret question" ...
Hope we can keep communicating. In one forum or the other. Kind regards. Pierre-Jacques