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Re: Chaco War

Sorry, your interest for these Chaco Wars is honest. But who the hells knows from these wars outside South America. I can´t see a real market for these figures on other continents. I won´t buy them. And certainly still a next, a third new topic-post won´t change it.

Re: Chaco War

I think that a lot of people with an interest in military history will know thousands died and that it was the biggest South American war of the 20th century -and its significance to the war in Europe that followed.

For gamers it is a chance to step outside the crusty old Napoleonic or WW 2 and have a theatre of war that is quite challenging. Read the Osprey book and you'll see WHY it would be a great idea.

I've certainly had a great deal of email feedback from gamers in Germany, France, Belgium as well as the UK regarding this conflict. Remember Strelets do limited sets and they would certainly not be ignored by gamers if based around the Chaco War.

We're usually a quite eclectic mix in war gaming.

Re: Chaco War

Everything should been thinkable. A forum lives from new ideas! So I am absolutly not against any discussion of these wars. I doubt only that their is an market for this theme. There were only 6 participants in the first thread about this theme which doesn´t give me the impression that there are really an overwhelming broad interest in it. I am also interested in events which are nearly forgotten in the public like the Chouans Wars or the first Coalition Wars during the French Revolution, the Hussite Wars or the Russian-Polish War of 1920, which were important events too. Eventually wars of still more relevance than yours wars, but also mostly not so attractive to produce special miniatures. Strelets is a small precious company in a special situation, in a country of war which have to look to survive with a sucessful strategy of production. And eventually 30 collectors which are interesting in the Chaco Wars doesn´t make already a market. And like in your first thread mentioned in the forum, there are many possiblities to alternate existing miniatures to get yours requesting armies. And we have an special situation too, that Zvezda is disappearing the market of affordable figures, that Revell and Italeri have already left the theme of historicals. So we need Strelets still more to fill the many existing lacks in the production of broader known periods.

Re: Chaco War

It's interesting how you mention that folks outside of South America wouldn't really know about this conflict Blucher. I'm American, but my wife is Bolivian, so it was only through her that I discovered the Chaco War, which unfortunately went very badly for Bolivia (as have most of their wars). You're right, there's probably not a huge market for this, but if Strelets were to do some limited edition sets I would certainly pick them up.

Re: Chaco War Poll

If Strelets made one set for each side, typical Strelets set with 40+ different figures per box, how many would you buy of each?

So if Strelets needs 5,000 sets to produce a set, how many will the people on this forum buy?

I suspect I would buy four sets of each.

Only 4,996 of each left to sell.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog


Why not put it on kickstarter or indiegogo? I see PSC and some other figures companies do that.

Strelets could put other projects up too. Maybe a WW1 Tank Mark V

Re: Crowdfunding

Would also like to see the MK5 . As to it not being viable commercially strelets has covered some pretty obscure conflicts already . The Russo Turkish war with I think 12 sets springs to mind .2 sets for the Chaco war seems doable especially as they will be the only ones in the marketplace

Re: Crowdfunding

The South American wars of independence might also be interesting. Would love a set of Bolivian line infantry in red! I don't think we'll ever see them, though as many other sets from similar time periods can be pressed into service here.

Re: Crowdfunding

It may interest You:

Re: Chaco War

I would certainly be interested...

this article gives some background info and may be useful as an overview for arms, the Vickers Archive also has a number of photos of guns intended for this conflict...

Bolivia vs Paraguay

Bolivian field guns

Would be interested in earlier south American conflicts too....