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Painting Bashi Bazouks

The Strelets Bashi Bazouks have very good detail, so much detail on so small an object that my 64 year old eyeballs can't differentiate one area from another. Has anybody painted these figures and can they post them or refer me to some good reference photos.



Re: Painting Bashi Bazouks

Being in my late 50s I sympathise!!Though I'm not sure how to post live links...

There are some lead figures painted here :

But the best site is this one!

Hope it helps!!

Re: Painting Bashi Bazouks

Dear Mr.Richman,
You may try the following link for a guidance (have a look at 31st minute):
There are also useful colour schemes for both Turkish and Russian armies of the period.
Best regards,

Re: Painting Bashi Bazouks
Re: Painting Bashi Bazouks

Thanks to all,

Very helpful and interesting movie as well.


Re: Painting Bashi Bazouks

No problem!