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Re: Expensive ?

Just working on the Lizard men at the moment (going for the simplest colour scheme I can - very little shading just a few washes). I paid £6.99 a box - 34 figures plus 6 weapon and shield sprues. The same goes for the ratmen, and I think they're worth i. It's going to take 6 boxes to get an army near the size I want but ar £40 that's not bad, if they were 28mm you would just be getting started.

Overall - as I understand it - the price of plastic is largely determined by the price of oil, perhaps we'll see the prices drop when the reduced price works through.

Re: Expensive ?

Sounds good. Y'know, if Strelets just bagged unsprued figures they could recycle all that plastic! But getting a fantasy army going at that price IS cheap!

Re: Expensive ?

I don't know anything about short-run plastic figures and kits, but my understanding of "long-run" stuff is that the cost of the plastic is a tiny fraction of the costs. On another forum, I asked how much it costs to make a mold and I got the answer, £40,000 will get you a small uncomplicated mold, for a lorry cab for example.

Similarly, the masters don't cost very much relatively speaking either. A master for a Tank Mark V, for instance, costs about £150. Hint Hint, Strelets!

But they're not expensive figures, so we can moan about something else now! How about all the holidays our democratically elected governments take at our expense; how much do their holidays cost us!

Re: Expensive ?

I don't find Strelets-R box prices particularly expensive even now, and nor are Linear-B box prices, but I do find that European sellers of Linear-B products charge a lot for postage to the UK. I am therefore frustrated to find that sets that I really want are to be sold by Linear-B, not Strelets-R. I understand the point that these sets are being sponsored by Linear-B and they would probably not otherwise be made, but it would be good if they could find a British seller.

Re: Expensive ?

and, as an after thought, if PDA is paying £5.00 for a pint of beer, then he needs to get himself to Lancashire, where we pay £2.80 per pint.

Re: Expensive ?

I seriously gave up. Model Hobbies are not stocking the. The prices ARE high to buy into the UK. But as I understand it the sets are limited like Strelets sets so it is either buy from Europe or miss out. Sadly, I'm going to have to miss out!

Re: Expensive ?

"European sellers of Linear-B products charge a lot for postage to the UK"

I dont usually buy from the UK for precisely the same reason postage is too much except for the odd seller... so much for the free market...

I think there has to be an number of sets produced to justify the tooling and the tool itself is going to vary in cost based on a lot of different criteria...

Think about it for a moment though.... if only 3000 sets are produced from a short run tool/mould and they retail at 6-7€... and compare the difference in average price between single and multi-tool sets...

How much does it cost to make a sort run tool? its not rocket science as they say....