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Re: To Strelets – expensive air in the box (French Sledge Train)

I'm with Ironsides in liking the way Strelets does short/limited production runs....plenty available for everyone if you get in within the first year or so. However I like knowing that in 10-15 years time my Strelets armies (which I have invested a lot of time/money/energy in) will be somewhat unique vs. Airfix still churning out the same old thing 40+ years later.

As for the French sleds, I've just bought two of each set as I've wanted these for a LONG time. I would have bought four of each if there had been a bit more in the packet to support the price. I think Strelets erred here...but I forgive them for this as they have given me a lot of joy with their figures which cover such obscure wars/periods/units.