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Re: To Strelets – expensive air in the box (French Sledge Train)

And good advice....and I DO have to buy online because my local shop (Antics, sadly) since it lost its only two competitors in Bristol YEARS back, will not stock a good range of figures -they blame company ordering policy!

So, yeah, buy a couple extra sets!

Re: To Strelets – expensive air in the box (French Sledge Train)

I mentioned earlier that raw material plastic prices should be coming down and also transportation so I am not sure why the sprues are not doubled. I have noticed other hobby items increasing in price way beyond the RPI or inflation and then there will soon be talk about cutting back or winding up because sales are falling. In fairness to Strelets they have printed clearly on the box how many figures/sledges are in each box and this is under the heading "box" in the "products" section on this website. You can see before you buy so it shouldn't be a surprise. I am not sure how many sledges constitute a train though--one is a sledge, two are a pair of sledges, etc.

I sympathise with those in the hobby who don't have the gift of clairvoyance but 1/72nd scale plastic figures are notorious for now you see me now you don't. A lot do come back several times in an average human life span so not to worry. Competitors in 28mm do get the stuff out and in your face so starters are naturally drawn to those rather than seeking 1/72nd scale rarities.

Talking of clairvoyance or predictions I would imagine feasible 3d computer printers should seal the fate of current hobby manufacturers and retailers. 1/72nd is a good scale as the figures are small so it might see a resurgence. Just being optimistic to counter prices increasing, retailers folding, big manufacturers not adding to small scale figures series* or deleting them altogether and so on and of course boxes with a lot of fresh air in them.

*my quarterly news letter from an on line/mail order retailer used to have several pages for new 1/72nd scale products(inc aircraft, tanks etc) now it barely makes a side of A4 and usually HaT and Strelets items (the hobby 2015?) occupy a fair chunk of that.

Re: To Strelets – expensive air in the box (French Sledge Train)

I'm with Ironsides in liking the way Strelets does short/limited production runs....plenty available for everyone if you get in within the first year or so. However I like knowing that in 10-15 years time my Strelets armies (which I have invested a lot of time/money/energy in) will be somewhat unique vs. Airfix still churning out the same old thing 40+ years later.

As for the French sleds, I've just bought two of each set as I've wanted these for a LONG time. I would have bought four of each if there had been a bit more in the packet to support the price. I think Strelets erred here...but I forgive them for this as they have given me a lot of joy with their figures which cover such obscure wars/periods/units.