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Re: Lifting a secret: Roman Transport 4

Hi Ballodd,

May ask which country you have bought these in? Were still waiting in the UK.

Re: Lifting a secret: Roman Transport 4

In Germany. The new Strelets sets seem to have arrived a few days ago, so Hannants and others should offer them soon, too.

Re: Lifting a secret: Roman Transport 4

...And none of the sedan chairs does match the box art…While the ‘luxury-stretcher’ is spot-on,...

Are you from linear-B?

As a matter of fact that "luxury-stretcher" has nothing to do with a Roman litter (the box art shows how it should look like). Useful? Yes, perhaps, but for the 17th -18th centuries, not for Roman times...

Re: Lifting a secret: Roman Transport 4

@ Why so aggressive?
No, I’m not with linear-b! And no social-media-marketing-man. But interested in Roman army reenactment and civil life for more than a decade now. (As well as WWI and Napoleonic topics). And I’m very happy for any new Roman set which is better than the Airfix Romans from my childhood.

The “simple” stretcher with four men still looks okay to me. Not all sedan chairs might have had a baldaquin and curtain. BTW: no problem to add one. That’s why I called it a luxury stretcher.

For the ‘coach’: This one wasn’t convincing to me. My concerns: completely closed coach with doors (and bars blocking them while on the road). Also featuring a shape more suitable to the Renaissance and the sitting position of the passengers. My intention was to do a scratch-build one featuring a different body, but not without research. Because the horse-powered-type was uncommon to me. Maybe uncommon to the Romans, too. By google, I only found a quite modern sample…

You’re right, litters as shown on the box cover would have been the better solution. Especially a larger two-person version instead of the coach. Perhaps they wanted to save the effort sculpting more carrying men (shouldering the bars)…

Re: Lifting a secret: Roman Transport 4

Sorry, didn't intend to be aggressive. Anyway, I think I misunderstood your comment as on the box - besides the small "chariot"-like vehicle - you can't see anything but two Roman litters carried by men. So I understood that when talking of a "luxury-stretcher" you were referring to the "horse-powered" litter contained in the box but, obviously, your word for that was "coach". Seems we agree, then.

Here an example of a 17th century horse-powered litter which may have served as a model to the sculptor:

He'd better do some serious research before starting sculpting. Definitely a let down for Linear-B who've always claimed that they wanted to produce historically authentic Roman sets. Better quality control, please.

Re: Lifting a secret: Roman Transport 4

Sorry again as the set is sold under the "Strelets" label itself, not the "Linear-B" label. But, frankly, I don't care anymore. I've stopped buying them both. Overall, too crappy for my taste and, with the ridiculously low number of figures we get now, to expensive as well. Who do they think they are? Zvezda? Well, Zvezda have become expensive as well these days but, at least, their figures are top-notch.

Re: Lifting a secret: Roman Transport 4

No problem. Simple missunderstanding. So we agree!
Right, research is a major problem regarding ancient vehicles or fighting machines (see the rather fictional medieval ‘Shaab’ . So the large litter is completely anachronistic and two animals and two passengers have to look for a new job now…

Honestly, I like Romans made by Strelets very much for their character. Portraying ordinary ancient people from the street, from the neighborhood. Some maybe a little bit ugly and misbehaving… Overall nice sculpting, except for the hospital set (which I skipped). The new sculpts (Roman Senate) are awesome. It’s a pity that the casting quality is not as crisp as the masters. Again: I like the figures very much and they are a pleasure to paint. One important point was the moderate price for soft plastic miniatures and lots of miniatures in a box. Top quality resin figures (Nikolai) are much more expensive.

But prices are rapidly increasing. With the small content of the French Army Sledge Train, Strelets now crossed the red line in my wallet. For the less than same amount (7,50 Euros) I’m able to buy two boxes (!) of Zwezda’s 6810 French Foot Artillery (3,50 Euros) from the same seller at the moment. With six highly detailed soldiers and a perfect gun, each!

Re: Lifting a secret: Roman Transport 4

Dear Strelets,
Now I got the set of Roman Transport 4-but I am not so happy with some of the figures-because they are real thin and not compatible with others-why so thin ?-remembers me on HÄT- Roman Imperials (Masters very good-but the
figures also extreme thin )a little bit stronger boddys makes them real better.So I hope for the Senatores.
best regards