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Re: Tecumseth

Absolutely awesome. Great job. I was looking forward to the release of the
American militia figures, but these are even better! I hope they remain the
same color as the masters, and are not made in grey. I can't say when the
last time I was this excited about a new release was.

Re: Tecumseh

The liveliness of the poses and the excellent sculpting mean these are on my purchase list for 2015. I haven't been wishing for these like others on the forum but then like the days of old I like to be introduced to something fresh and inspirational. Some excellent things proposed by Strelets for 2015 should make up for the dearth of imaginative figures from other manufacturers.
Well done Strelets.


Re: Tecumseh

awesome, great, outstanding, excellent! can't wait!

Re: Tecumseh

Brilliant. Thanks for showing them and I look forward to their release. These are top quality sculpts and I will be acquiring and army.

Re: Tecumseh

Dear Strelets,

These are great sets for 1812 (as are your Russian and French offerings). We do need (oh, ok, want) mounted Indians and Kentucky Mounted Militia but otherwise I can model/game this period fairly well now in your 1/72 plastics.

Have a great day.

Re: tecumsuh

I agree wholeheartedly! These are some of the best looking figures that I have seen in a long time. They will go well with the 1812 Militia! Given how high the bar has been set, I am really looking forward to seeing the 1812 U.S. Rangers.

Good Job Strelets!