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Re: Message to Vadim

Hi Vadim,
Thank for your information.
I've phoned today my local shop here in Paris.
They say they heard the news and maybe they will get your 4 sets you mentionned on next Friday.
Let us cross fingers !
Other question : do you think we could write Zvezda to ask them to create new Napoleonic good sets such as the latest ones. For instance Russian irregular Cossaks, as they once planned, or the French Guard horse grenadiers, or the French Guard horse Chasseurs, or French Hussards.
I have this adress : I hope they will reply.
Anyway yhank you for your good information.
We keep in touch for new information.

Re: Message to Vadim

Hi Pat,
You can write them, but they having so many requests, begs they no answering any. Just do it for self evidance

Re: Message to Vadim

Hi Vadim,

I got the 4 new sets yesterday in Paris.
They are fantastic indeed !
I love the cavalry sets.

Please Vadim let us know when you have news about the new 4 command Infantry and cavalry sets. You told us they were not produced yet ?

According to the Napoleonic subject and the ZVEZDA Product quality there is room for so many new sets ! Irregular Cossacks; French Horse guards Grenadiers ; French Horse guards Chasseurs; French Hussards.

Please let us know Vadim

Best regards.