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Re: First And Second Balkans War and Chaco Wars

Montenegran Troops have been a problem but then I remembered RedBox Set 72034
Gurkhas. I used these as French Senegalese troops but suddenly thought that this set has them in the Pill Box hats. Four of the figures (well 1 x 4) have the Gurkha knives drawn. These could be painted as Montegregan troops. I cannot find any others that will work -unless anyone has any suggestions?

I thought that the Imperial soldiers from Orion's Boxer set
could be a starting point but their headgear isn't exactly pillboxes. You might want to look at soldiers in Fez such as the Ottomans from Strelets or the Anglo-Egyptian army from Waterloo1815. Maybe some Zouaves will do as well.

Why do your Montenegrin troops need (Gurkha) knives, wouldn't the other Gurkha figures do as well?

How did you convert the Gurkhas into Senegalsese? Very interesting since WW1 French colonial troops in Europe are currently among the biggest gaps as far as WW1 figures are concerned. Regards, Pa

Re: First And Second Balkans War and Chaco Wars

Hi, Pa.
Basically, I just painted Gurkha trousers red and jackets blue. The pill box hats I was going to use Green Stuff/Milliput to extend but my eyesight is not great close-up even with glasses -a 1/72 scale figure at 3 feet I can see clearly but my arms can't reach! So after painting hair, skin I just painted the hats red. It works at that scale especially since, as you say, Colonial forces are somewhat lacking. I think the Red Box Gurkhas are vague-ish enough to get away with it. More dressed for Europe than Africa though.

Yes, I've been looking at the Strelets Ottoman Turks. I think they ought to work well and since there were so many revolts against the Ottomans in Europe in the 19th and into the 20th centuries I'd like to convert some.

The knives. Many years ago I saw a colour illustration -it MAY have been in an old comic book- and the caption read something like "knives drawn the Montenegran soldiers leapt into the gun emplacement. Lovely colour and fantastic illustration (wish I had it now) I just envisaged a few Montenegrans rushing a gun position. Pure nostalgia!

Re. Colonial troops I am hoping -hoping- that with all the 100th Anniversary of WW 1 (which seems to pick up then fade away)some soldier company might see that this IS a big niche in the figure market.

My way of thinking is WHY did Hat release German Jaeger, Austrians, German Infantry and French infantry when you'd think the Belgian infantry would be one of the better first sets of the period -it wasn't all attack France! But they are covering it BUT why WW 2 Japanese cyclists??? Hat don't make Japanese infantry. Even some model shops have asked what that is all about! I'm getting long winded, sorry. But why Japanese cyclists when some colonials or one of the more ignored European army's might have been a better choice?

While my old arthritic joints can still paint I'd like to see more colonials!

Re: First And Second Balkans War and Chaco Wars

Thanks for the reply. It all makes sense to me. Well, with the possible exception of the cyclists!

But we have to give HaT credit for fulfilling what the promised - they said right from the start they would fill the gaps, and not produce what already is on the market. While I am sure we can list a whole series of exceptions, they have pretty much kept to that. So no Japanese infantry but cyclists, no 1916/18 German infantry but heavy weapons, etc.

Did you notice that HaT have shown a test shot of the WW1 Belgians just yesterday? Regards, Pa

Re: First And Second Balkans War and Chaco Wars

Yes -hats off to...Hat. They have kept their promise. We are a funny lot, though -I'm sure we could all come up with big lists!

I've seen the roughs and line drawings on Hat site -have they uploaded more? Can't wait for the Belgians!!

Re: First And Second Balkans War and Chaco Wars

Yes, they now have posted test shots of the two Belgian sets (inf / heavy weapons), see

This means the moulds have been cut and test-filled with plastic.

From this to til the final product hits the shops it usually takes some months but but sometimes years. Regards, Pa

Re: First And Second Balkans War and Chaco Wars

They do look like something to get excited about but, as you say, it can take time before they get into boxes and shops.

I always wondered WHY it takes so long after you have the masters -you think of all the old 1/32 scale soldiers that appeared in shops in the old days and one of the designers years ago told me it took a year to get it approved, to the molds and out to shops. Could it take so long because they are afraid PSR might notice the right buttons are not on the coats?!

Re: First And Second Balkans War and Chaco Wars

"A completed and painted example in Paraguayan service for the Chaco War. The Paraguayans are converted plastic Imex ACW Confederate infantry."

From here:

Re: First And Second Balkans War and Chaco Wars

Hi.Yes, Imex Confederates would work but apparently are no longer available!I used slouch hat Confederates from other maker and Hat WW 1 russians in the couple games I tried. Fingers crossed someone may make figures for this one day!