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Second Battle of Fort Bowyer - 200th Anniversary

200 years ago on 12th February 1815 the last land engagement of the War of 1812 was concluded at Fort Bowyer. Survivors of the British force defeated at New Orleans in January 1815 were victorious on this occasion.

"Capturing the fort would enable the British to move on Mobile and thereby block Louisiana's trade. From Mobile, the British could move overland to Natchez to cut off New Orleans from the north."

"After the unsuccessful British attack in September 1814, American General Andrew Jackson, recognizing Fort Bowyer's strategic importance, ordered the fort strengthened. Now its garrison comprised 370 officers and men of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, and Jackson proclaimed "ten thousand men cannot take it"

Still, British General John Lambert decided to attack Mobile again. The British troops came from the 4th, 21st (Royal North British Fusiliers), and 44th, who had fought at New Orleans. The commander of the naval forces was Captain T.R. Rickets of the 74-gun third-rate, HMS Vengeur. Captain Spencer of the Carron was among the sailors landed near Mobile, and was second in command of the naval party. The bomb vessels Aetna and Meteor were present during the siege of Fort Bowyer in February 1815.

When the British captured the fort, they discovered that it mounted three long 32-pounders, eight 24s, six 12s, five 9s, a mortar, and a howitzer"

"With Mobile Bay secured by British warships and Fort Bowyer now under British control, the remaining American forces in the area hurried to Mobile to prepare for the expected onslaught there. The British postponed the attack on Mobile itself when HMS Brazen arrived some two days later, carrying news that the Treaty of Ghent, ending the war, had been signed on the previous Christmas Eve. When news of ratification of the Treaty arrived, the British withdrew."