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Boers -Could STRELETS Answer This Query?

Since I originally posted on the subject I have been looking far and wide and I am getting the same response everywhere: "The Strelets Boers -Mounted and Foot- are no longer in production"

Yet, the sets are STILL listed as Available on Strelets site.

I really DO NOT want to pay 4-5 times the normal cost of one of these sets if it is just a case of re-stocking.

So, PLEASE -still in production or out of production?

Thank You

Re: Boers -Could STRELETS Answer This Query?

Dear TerryHooper-Scharf,

ALL our sets are out-of-production, once they are released, it's just a matter of if they are still in stock or not.
Mounted are in stock, foot - aren't.
Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,