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Re: Caesar Zombies

I bought the non-modern set. They are based and just like all Caesar products in plastic and scale.

I hate zombies. I have no use for fantasy figures. But.....I actually bought that whole set for the 4 little running women. They appear to have loincloths, the face isn't too noticably zombie-like, and they have no visible wounds (plus it appears, despite having died, none of the fatty tissues in any noticible protruberances have diminished).

So they are going to be running native girls trying to escape mounted Conquistadores.

Re: Caesar Zombies

Thanks for the info Arlin.

Re: Caesar Zombies

I have both sets of Caesar Zombies, great little figures. They fit in just right with other Caesars figures. Also got the lizard men and ratmen, both are great sets as well. Lizard men are my favorite of the bunch. Can't wait to start painting them wth all the different greens, blues, yellows, and reds.

Mark S. Mullins