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19th Century European Wars

I know people often say they get bored with 19th Century wars as a gaming period. Zulus, Boers, Mahdist revolt, American Civil War, Napoleonic and so on. Just as an exercise I tried looking up 19th century wars -South America was "quite active"!

But I wanted to find out about more for Europe. I got a few surprises on this Wikipedia entry. It seems gamers can spread their wings more than I thought.

Which figures for which wars, though?

Re: 19th Century European Wars

Apart from the Crimean War, well covered by Strelets, and of course the Napoleonic wars, I'd like to game:

The Italian Wars of Independece are immensely interesting, not at least because of the very colourful uniforms, Zouaves and all that. Not much available in plastic - apart from the French. I know of two really awful sets of Austrians, and some slightly oversacale Italians.

The Second Schleswig War 1864 is also interesting: skirmishes, assaults on fortified positions including landing on the island of Als, modern artillery. You can use the 1870/71 Prussians, and ACW Union troops (probably also 1877 Russians as produced by Strelets) as Danish. Again better Austrians are needed.

The Franco-German War of 1870/71 gets some coverage but you will have to look at metals for artillery, and do some carving for German cavalry (Strelets Crimean War British heavy dragoons e. g.). Regards, Pa