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Re: New Zvezda sets on sale

I collect WWII American, German and Soviet, and post WWII American and Soviet. I buy one each of all the figure sets from Zvezda, but buy multiples of the heavy weapons, and specialized figures. Build up the big armies with troops from other companies.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: New Zvezda sets on sale

The only Zvezda mini-sets I have are from the Hot War series. I think these figures are quite welcome, as most of the Cold War stuff in 1/72 plastic was from Airfix and ESCI and discontinued now(although Italeri did reissue the U.S. Soldiers and Soviet Spetznaz Paratroopers sets a little while back). It's a shame that Zvezda will apparently stop making new sets for this series, although my wallet will be relieved!