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Roman senate masters

Beautiful figures, might just have to own them even if I haven't got any use for them. Although I do possess the old Usborne books Roman villa which I never got round to making - perhaps I could put together a bit of a diorama.

Now if Strelets ever fancy doing more civilian stuff for the medieval period then that would be really exciting. First suggestions would be medieval village life and medieval fair and market.

Re: Roman senate masters

i see a resemblacne to the old actor charles laughton in one of the figures.
he seems to have showed up in all the old hollywood roman movies,playing of all things a senator.

Re: Roman senate masters

Very nice figures, might be worth a box or two and some of them might end up on plinths as statues. Lots of uses for these guys.

Re: Roman senate masters

Dear Strelets,
Very good masters for the Senate-but where are the sitting senators in a discussion about a new law or others ?I missing a real debate ......
best regards

Re: Roman senate masters

I also miss seated senators.. If only this time strelets would add a new sprue with them..

Anyway these discussing figuress look great. I also recognized the famous old actor, even if i never knew before that his name was charles laughton¡,,