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Re: streles new sets

Britsfan, You are right. The French sledge sets ony contain 9 figures (according to the box cover) but the Russian (and Roman Transprt 3+4) about 13. Also a French soldier carrying a small boy semms to count as two figures. At least it is all about human headcount - so the hares, pigs or geese carried by the Russian troops won't increase the official box content...

Strelets, please add 4 random doublettes to the French sets, to equal the numbers. Your new sculpts are marvellous. But I hesitate to pay a "full box" price for 8-9 soldiers, a horse and a small sledge. Your legendary big boxes featured up to nearly 50 (!) different poses. At a very reasonable price back then...

Re: streles new sets

I like these but will NOT buy them. Soldier sets are getting more expensive and fewer figures going into them those with standard 4850 figures are getting close to £9 a box. It has cut down my buying and, sadly, I'll not add these two.