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Re: streles new sets

Are you talking about the sled sets for the retreat from Moscow? These are
beautiful sets, but I have one gripe. The masters for the first French set had plenty of figures, and we got the impression a second French set would be sculpted. Instead they cut the set in half and labelled them as sets one and two. Strelets, of course, is free to do what they want. I'm sure its a matters
of profit and finances, but it is disappointing not to see another set of the
striking French figures. The two Russian sled sets seem to have plenty of
figures each. I hope they won't be reduced as well.

Re: streles new sets

Britsfan, You are right. The French sledge sets ony contain 9 figures (according to the box cover) but the Russian (and Roman Transprt 3+4) about 13. Also a French soldier carrying a small boy semms to count as two figures. At least it is all about human headcount - so the hares, pigs or geese carried by the Russian troops won't increase the official box content...

Strelets, please add 4 random doublettes to the French sets, to equal the numbers. Your new sculpts are marvellous. But I hesitate to pay a "full box" price for 8-9 soldiers, a horse and a small sledge. Your legendary big boxes featured up to nearly 50 (!) different poses. At a very reasonable price back then...

Re: streles new sets

I like these but will NOT buy them. Soldier sets are getting more expensive and fewer figures going into them those with standard 4850 figures are getting close to £9 a box. It has cut down my buying and, sadly, I'll not add these two.