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Re: New Zvezda sets on sale

Difficult to write lines after Spanish Erik words...
But for sure that WAS SO GOOD INDEED !!

Re: New Zvezda sets on sale

Yes, nice. But what will Zvezda bring back to the former format of boxes? To see the new Russian dragoons, expected for many years, but only available in three per box is really disappointing.I know, not everybody is a collector but I would like to ask everybody for support. If anybody knows how to contact Zvezda successfully, please help. I am not willing to spend any money on this new small boxes.

Re: New Zvezda sets on sale

I notice the artillery have more in the box
6 солдат
I presume they will cost more like the Zvezda WW2 German 88 etc. Even so to get 6 crew figures is not too bad. I don't think anybody would build an army with 4 in a box infantry though. I bet the boxes( and glossy cards) are more expensive to produce than the figures in terms of materials, processes etc.

BTW rocketing oil prices led to plastic being talked about a few years ago as if it was the new gold or so it seemed and led to price hikes or figures per box reduction or both. Dropping oil prices should have led to raw material prices plummeting and transportation costs being reduced and yet no talk of cheaper plastic figures ie more per box. A bit predictable really-what goes up stays up.


Re: New Zvezda sets on sale

The only things in this "Art of Tactic" range that matter are one-off support or command groups. The rank and file sets are over-expensive, boring rubbish. Only idiots who worship "the emperors' new clothes" (or the fuhrers' new clothes) cough-Spanish Erik-cough would think any different - more fool them HAHAHA!

Re: New Zvezda sets on sale

I collect WWII American, German and Soviet, and post WWII American and Soviet. I buy one each of all the figure sets from Zvezda, but buy multiples of the heavy weapons, and specialized figures. Build up the big armies with troops from other companies.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
Bunker Talk blog

Re: New Zvezda sets on sale

The only Zvezda mini-sets I have are from the Hot War series. I think these figures are quite welcome, as most of the Cold War stuff in 1/72 plastic was from Airfix and ESCI and discontinued now(although Italeri did reissue the U.S. Soldiers and Soviet Spetznaz Paratroopers sets a little while back). It's a shame that Zvezda will apparently stop making new sets for this series, although my wallet will be relieved!