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Re: Boxer Rebellion

Please find some creative conversions here:

Robin Hood's merry men as boxers!

The regular Chinese troops had some modern Krupp field guns, not sure the boxers were capable of using them. A Chinese speciality was the use of the Jingal muskets, a weapon that dwarfs the German WW1 AT rifle!

Regards, Pa

Re: Boxer Rebellion

The Robin Hood conversions are neat. Sadly, my fingers and eyes are no longer conversion usable!! Love the way gamers manage to convert figures, though. I mean, seeing Robin Hood figures and thinking "Boxer Rebellion"! Great eye and great imagination.

Jingal muskets -man, they are HUGE!

Boxers were capable of using artillery -as the nation that gave us, in a round about way, gun powder and fireworks they (Chinese) had a long history of cannon using. The basic powder-shot cannot were quite basic -the Russians captured a few and even Americans. There are a few photos on line including at this site

and here:

From what I can find out this was a common type of cannon and the Krupp was mainly Chinese Imperial Army.

I think it all goes to show that if you can convert figures -go for it! I wouldn't even attempt making a Jingal musket firing man!!

THANKS for the links.

Re: Boxer Rebellion

Thank you for the links.

Here is another Jingal photo - even allowing for the small average size of the Japanese man in 1900, the guns appear huge as you say:

Not so sure about the Boxers using any type of cannon. You are right in saying firearms were invented in China but the boxers were mainly peasants with no military experience.

I mean I for one could not fire a black power muzzle loader! At least not safely. Regards, Pa

Re: Boxer Rebellion

I once saw a Jingal replica and the man who made it was around 5ft 7ins tall. It was....1979 (!!) and I thought it was a joke at first. "They couldn't fire them standing or kneeling without support" he told us "They are called 'wall guns' because they were rested on walls" The gun would have been around the 7ft length mark. Compared to the Japanse and average height of time then, yes, those jingals must be 7 feet at least.

Incredible the powder weapons they came up with. Some are mentioned on this Wiki entry. Lots of scope for gamers!