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Early WW 1 Belgian Infantry And Paint Tip Request

Have had to shift back to my early WW 1 campaign plan. Couple of problems though and since forum members here seem quick and helpful why not take advantage?

I am concentrating on the early stages of the war and Hat may be working on Belgian infantry but I understand they are some way off. The period is pre-Adrian helmet so kepi headgear. Same thing for Italians ofd the early war.

Can anyone suggest available figures that could substitute for early war Italian and Belgian infantry? Not an exact match but close enough -I'm just gaming and the little guys are only about an inch high!

The other problem is uniform colour for the Italians. "Grey-Green" is open to all sorts of interpretations -the Funcken WW 1 books show the Italians in Very light "grey-green" colours but Osprey show a darker "grey-green" so, as shops have suggested FOUR different colours to cover this I'd like to know what you fellas suggest because they may be small but I want to paint my men right!

Any advice always welcome!


Re: Early WW 1 Belgian Infantry And Paint Tip Request

I'm wondering whether something like Accurate's 1/72 Union Infantry might do? With my aging eye sight would I know?!

Re: Early WW 1 Belgian Infantry And Paint Tip Request

Oh wow. Have I stumped everyone?? Oh well, I had hoped some advice might be available as there seem to be a lot of experienced folk here -but I keep asking the stupid questions!!

I'll have to look for suitable ACW figures and play the colours by eye.

Re: Early WW 1 Belgian Infantry And Paint Tip Request

Airfix second version Foreign Legion, best source is probably loose figures on ebay.... some minor trimming of the kepi will produce something convincing for early war Belgian infantry... for slightly later, use Airfix WW1 British infantry, if you like give them mausers from the Revell ww1 German set and stick grenades...... and a little later still French Adrian Helmets.... not perfect but acceptable I think for wargame table...

Re: Early WW 1 Belgian Infantry And Paint Tip Request

Ironsides is correct. The Airfix/HäT FFL are ideal for late 1914. The headgear for Belgian Line and Chasseurs à Pied was a shako, not a képi, but what is called a képi on the FFL is right for the job. Pare away the neck flap. The FFL are missing an ammo pouch, but that works to our advantage since it looks like the single Belgian pouch worn offset. The pack is fine. After that it's just a paint job.

Alternatively, the Line can have their heads swapped with the WWI German peakless cap, which was not identical but v similar to the Belgian feldmuts. The infantry soon abandoned the shako and wore the feldmuts instead. The Grenadiers' bearskins were captured when Brussels fell, so they should only be represented in the feldmuts.

For other branches its a bit more complicated. I have a chart somewhere that I shall try to find, and there are photos of FFL conversions somewhere. Stand by.

Re: Early WW 1 Belgian Infantry And Paint Tip Request

Re: Early WW 1 Belgian Infantry And Paint Tip Request

A guide to Belgian uniforms (Infantry & others, but not Cavalry). Hope this format is acceptable.