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Re: Strelets Boers

THANKS, lads.
Strelets Boer on horse ordered but the foot figures -useful for various "civil disputes" in Europe, too- seem unavailable and I can't seem to get an email to Strelets to find out if they are discountinued.

Sigh, looks like I'll need to look for another campaign period!

Re: Strelets Boers

Just a quick update. I've phoned around a few shops and even emailed a couple in Europe. They all say they never got any responses from Strelets in the past and their suppliers (there have been a LOT of enquiries about the Boer foot soldiers) say "Set Unobtainable" So unless Strelets say they are still in production and will be supplied go.


Re: Strelets Boers

In case there are others who wanted to campaign the Boer War (in plastic figures) and cannot get the Strelets Boers which, I've been told by a retailer today that his distributor has said "they are definitely out of production" (I thiunk we have to remember the current conflict there). If you want rough and ready, brimmed hats foot boers there are two sets you can try -check PSR- they are A Call To Arms Confederate Infantry 1861 Set 54 and Imex (some of the same figures)Confederate Infantry Set 506.

At an inch tall they ought to do!