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Re: Alliance Fantasy: Dare I say LOTR?

& they are NOT done! Caesar says they will be producing more Fantasy sets & Red Box has no intention of resting on their laurels!

Giorgio; WOW! OK, I see your points, but can we finish LOTR first? But I do agree there needs to be more Elves! I actually already spoke to them about this.

As for using current sets for humans; NO! If they are going to do this, let's do it right! I don't want to go back to the bad old days of using "Napoleonics for Mexicans & Cowboys for Texans for Alamo!" type of thing! Make the armies of Rohan & Gondor! I don't want to settle! Make some of the other human armies that sided with Sauron as well!

Re: Alliance Fantasy: Dare I say LOTR?

I know you want dedicated figures for Gondor and Rohan and I would definitely agree on Gondor, however, I don't think you could do much better than Lucky Toys Huns for Easterlings, much criticised as being too fantastical for real Huns but great for fantasy.

Re: Alliance Fantasy: Dare I say LOTR?

Thanks for backing me on Gondor! But Rohan does need specific figs as well! Yje Huns might be good for human allied to Sauron, but Rohirum? Not a chance!

Re: Alliance Fantasy: Dare I say LOTR?

Rohirrim are mounted Vikings, so i think Rus could work well.
Of course a set or more of properly Riders of the Mark are a real luxury.

While i see Easterlings more like Samurai...