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Re: Some WW2 suggestions.

For me please - in no particluar order:

Dutch Army 1940
Gebirgsjäger Heavy Weapons (the standard mountain gun 36 has not yet been done in plastic)
Romanian Infantry and Mountain troops
French 1940 Heavy Weapons
US 1941 Infantry (Philippines/Pacific ToW)
French Chasseurs Alpins
more Hungarian Infantry (early & late eastern front)
Fallschirmjäger Heavy Weapons
French Colonial Infantry North Africa/Italy
Greek Infantry/Mountain Troops 1941
Titos partisans with mules

artillery crews:
- British/Commonwealth (long trouser, rolled-up sleeves, separete heads)
- German (one set early war with long boots, one set late war / North Africa / Gebirgsjäger / Fallschirmjäger with ankle boots)
- French 1940
- Italian
- US
- Japanese

Re: Some WW2 suggestions.

Scruffy, Enemy at the Gates style Russians to compliment the Stalingrad Germans.

Japanese jungle fighters.

A set of NKVD/SMERSH types.