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Re: What new WW1 Would You Like to See from Strelets

I would certainly buy all the artillery crews if they were sold separately. My intention is to buy some of the guns, but I do Americans and Germans. The British guns are only useful to me if they are guns the Americans used. The Americans did wear British uniforms in some divisions, so the British figures are important to me, but not all the guns!

I also want them for other larger caliber guns I have from other companies but no crews! The Strelets crews are terrific.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Re: What new WW1 Would You Like to See from Strelets

David O'Brien
I go with Ballodd
Sappers, Casualty evacuation and so on not just a parade of the nations ie shooters in different garb. It seems everybody has their own favourite.

On the same WWI topic but not new. How about the figure sets with the Strelets Arms sets being released as separate boxed sets? This seems a another missed opportunity like some of the gems in the erstwhile big box sets. The British and Germans in the new A012/013 sets are some of the best WWI figures around and yet you have to buy a model artillery piece to get them. The British figures are so adaptable - they could be leading draught horses(several figures), medics, checking stores, construction work etc. The Germans are less so but still have a lot of potential eg the 3 figure ramming group could be pulling a tow rope together with the shell carriers if they can be parted from log and burden respectively.


Your idea of having the figures seperate is a cracking one. Certainly winter artillery crews would be a welcome attition especially with what I take to be a staff officier.

Sappers, Casualty evacuation sets do have alot of potential

However please no OTT poses - Remember the Caesar WW1 German 8 figures out of 45 using either medieval maces or spades.

Re: What new WW1 Would You Like to See from Strelets

French Colonial infantry
Serbian Army 1914
(I'd also like BEF and Belgian infantry but HäT will hopefully shortly release those)

French artillery crews 1914
German artillery crews 1914

Austrian regular cavalry 1914 (Dragoons and Hussars - choice of heads?)

Krupp 75mm field gun (mod 02, 03 or other)
French mountain gun with crew

French Cavalry 1914
Romanian Army (if cleverly done, a set of coated infantry with choice of heads could serve as Serbian, Romanian, and then some!)

Re: What new WW1 Would You Like to See from Strelets

A set of medics / wounded would be useful.

I think _one_ set might do really, since Central Powers nurses and doctors tending Allied wounded and vice versa were a common sight, at least if judging from photographs.

Anyway it would be difficult to tell the nationality of a wounded guy in a torn, dirty uniform with puttees in 1/72. Regards, Pa