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I bought the Miniart Swiss Pikemen some time ago; I then bought War of Roses European Mercenaries to protect their flanks. I notice there is a Red Box set to be released of European Mercenaries War Of Roses will all of these sets make sense for late medievil pikemen? Can I use Red Box Scutters as well? Which sets of medievil figures would make good infantry to accompany these other than other medievil figures made by miniart(burgundian wars)I have lots of Italeri, Zvezda etc.? I would like to learn about the Italian Wars.



Re: Pikemen

the miniart sets i believe are made for the burgundian wars.redbox sets are made for the war of the roses.if memory serves,at some point these two wars overlapped.i would think except for specific sets like the the swiss which i dont believe participated in the wotr,most could be swapped back and forth.
by the time of the italian wars at the end of the 15th century things began changing that make these figures out of date.
im no expert so ill leave the details to those that know more.