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Any news on the US Militia?


Are there any updates on when the US Militia in winter dress will be available for purchase?

I am excited to get my hands on two or three boxes as soon as they appear as I plan to use them not just for 1812 Americans, but also as conversions into French Revolutionaries, Chouans, possibly Tyrolians and maybe even some leftover top-hats will get worn by my Haitian rebels.

So many plans, so much patience.

Any news would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou Strelets for producing such great models.

Re: Any news on the US Militia?

Dear Pancho,

the new lot will come out in February.
Please be guided accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Any news on the US Militia?

Thankyou Strelets that is some good news

Re: Any news on the US Militia?

cant wait for these new figures