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War of 1812-15 Indians ?


I'm sure i've read somewhere last year that Strelets are thinking of doing a set of Indian warriors for the US- Britain 1812 war. Is this true ?


Re: War of 1812-15 Indians ?

It would be a great idea!

Brilliant idea

That would be a fantastic set and although I do not as yet collect and game the war I soon would be. Think of the characters that Strelets would produce!

Re: Brilliant idea

I'd buy a fair few sets of woodland Indians.

Re: Brilliant idea

Would they be usable for the F&IWs?

Re: Brilliant idea

lets not forget settlers,fighting,working maybe wagons, animals and that goes for indians as well,i know you can get some from other coms but why not all strelets ,keep up good work

Re: War of 1812-15 Indians ?

Wow , what a coincidence !

I ask about 1812 Indian warriors and a few days later plastic soldier review mentions that Strelets will be doing set M107 Tecumesh 1812.

Thanks Strelets.