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Zvezda 2015 news

Zvezda 2015news

Re: Zvezda 2015 news

Zvezda catalogue 2015 news

Re: Zvezda 2015 news

Yep. WW1 cancelled. Oh well.

On the bright side, Roden are bringing out 3 new WW1 kits.

Re: Zvezda 2015 news

As far as interesting 1/72 figures goes it's a case of RIP Zvezda. Ah well, you brought us some fine soldier sets in your time. Thanks, you will be missed.

But we still have the likes of Strelets and HaT full of extensive plans and greatly improving sculpts. Redbox and Waterloo 1815 showing promise and, who knows, perhaps even Caesar will deliver something original again now and then - never expected the Chinese Ming Infantry to see the light of day but they did. Bravo!

Re: Zvezda 2015 news

The proposed British WW2 BEF sets look good especially the casualty and medics 6228(not sure what the figure on the left in pic is doing- playing sandcastles?) and the field telephone and officers 6174. Both sets would look great for a Dunkirk setting. These two sets play to the mini box strengths of giving a few choice figures not available elsewhere.
The Romanians might actually be released in 2015 as I am not sure why they have been held back.

I suppose the caveat is don't get too worked up as they may be cancelled.