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Masters for Russian Sledge Train

Just saw the masters for the Russian Sledge train first set. My first
impression was that it was a well sculpted, very imaginative set. The men
seem to be engaged in requisitioning supplies from the populace. There were
several colorful vignettes of soldiers, some of whom seem to have been tartars?
They appear to be guerrillas rather than regular troops. This is shaping up to
be a great little series with lots of character.BrtD

Re: Masters for Russian Sledge Train

imagine a quiet snowy country landscape, icicles from the roofs in a village of wooden fairytale houses... and ruthless tsar army foragers!
just like a wonderful christmas nativity scene!

Re: Masters for Russian Sledge Train

I imagine them with my many Strelets Crimean troops especially the Tartars.

Strelets are playing to their strengths with these. I look forward to buying these and getting them in the post some time next year.
I think that charming little vignette must be an old Russian or Ukrainian proverb -he who has the goose's head has the goose


Re: Masters for Russian Sledge Train

They look splendid, I can see penty of uses for them already.