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I really like some of the ideas that Mars has for sets, such as their
Mycenaeans. They could, potentially, greatly expand the range of choices
available in the hobby. Too bad much of that potential is sqaundered by
by lousey sculpting. I have passed on many Mars sets I was interested in
because of the poor quality of the figures. What do you guys think?

Re: Mars

Hallo Britsfan

their late spanish infantry are for me fantastic .i use them for the scanian war 1675-1679 .And i a kind of like their scottish 30 year war inf.Their ideas about ranges are interesting ,but the product are sadley to bad,and there is to many command figures,but i still have hopes for this company



Re: Mars

Mars figures are really hit and mostly miss for me, however, some of their
Thirty Years War figures, believe it or not, are quite passable. It takes some work to overcome the lousy sculpting, but it can be done. I find their horses especially vexing, missing straps, very poor anatomy, scale issues, etc. I've discovered that Zvezda horses from the GNW work reasonably well for my Thirty Years war pistoleers.

Another issue I have with Mars is their often odd choice of figure types. Like, for instance, how can you bypass Pancerni, when you've already done just about every other Polish type? Very odd.

I've got more complaints, but, I'll let them go, for now. I hope they continue to carry on with their Thirty Years War line, for instance, how about a box of Light Pikemen? Or some Finnish Cavalry, or French Cavalry, or Spanish Cavalry, or Pancerni, or maybe some Turks, or....the list could go on forever.


Re: Mars

I/we really like the Mars figures. As with Strelets, they are tackling some original subjects. The sculpting appears a bit 'rough', but that same 'roughness' means that they look marvellous once painted and there is a lot of detail too.

A couple of examples here, should you be interested:

Re: Mars

They can be difficult to find. Some are pretty awful but some are passable and a few are even nice. All of them are good well imagined subjects. Maybe they will do some second editions