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Re: to Strelets'R: new releases

Not sure how long the CAD pictures of the 9.2" have been out but I have just noticed them. To say the least the pictures suggest the best 'Arms' series model yet. It looks more complicated than the previous artillery pieces but the finished produce looks a winner. There is one at the IWM London with a very interesting colour scheme.

Still think the staff officer figure (reminds me of field marshal Haig) with the flowing coat is one of your best creations!

Re: to Strelets'R: new releases

Dear RCD,

our capacity for CAD design was affected by a fire back in January.
The guy who did it for us worked in the premices that burned down.
We are trying to get round it but don't know when we will resume Arms series.
Best regards,


Re: to Strelets'R: new releases

Thanks again for responding to questions and suggestions - it is appreciated.

Sorry to hear of your misfortunues but it is encouraging that you are proposing new 11 sets. Clearly you have been seriously put at a disadvantage with the fire. Nice to know that there is a future possibility of more 'Arms' products.Certainly I like the format of artillery piece with crew at an affordable price.

I mentioned the 60pdr because there has a lot of data (ie the handbook) that has been on the Landship website and it was used over a long period by many countries and has a relatively simple shape.