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Napoleonic Ottomans

Hello Strelets,

I would like to request the following truly unique colourful and exotic sets for The Ottomans Empire.

Line Infantry - Nizam I Cedit
Light Infantry - Albanian/Balkans
Artillery - Topijis

You already have some excellent Cavalry sets

set 120 Mameluks
set 109 Bashi-Bazouks

I hope you can make the first full range of Napoleonic Ottomans.

Re: Napoleonic Ottomans

Strelets Team,
I totally agree with Brian, I would like to make one addition to
his list:


Here are a few resources to get your team started:

On the last link scroll down to plates J6 & J7 .

Have a great day!

Paul K.

Re: Napoleonic Ottomans

Napoleonic Ottomans are top of my wishlist

Re: Napoleonic Ottomans

A great idea, and more opponents for Strelet's Napoleonic Russian sets. A good way to boost the sales of those as well, combining Ottomans with Russians in Big box sets.

Re: Napoleonic Ottomans

I'm willing to buy any Ottoman set for the 10th to 20th century. There just isn't very much. A bigger WWI presence above all.They may be a significant player in NATO's latest operation so a Modern Turkish set would be nice too.