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Re: to Strelets'R: new releases

Great News Strelets in fact better than expected looking forward to the new pictures of the up and coming Napoleonic sets.

Re: to Strelets'R: new releases

Early war American troops for the far East, now that sounds different - not that I know much about it about from having heard of the battling b$%£"&+s of Bataan.

Re: to Strelets'R: new releases

Navy, Marines and Army for Pearl Harbor, Guam, Wake Island, and especially the Philippines (Bataan and Corregidor and plenty else). Infantry with the M1919 helmet, 1903 Springfield rifles and Thompson machine guns with drum cartridges.

This was when the Japanese were the juggernauts with their own blitzkrieg.

There would be a good set for 26th Cavalry attacking Japanese on horseback with their colt .45s on Bataan. The 26th Cavalry were part of the Philippines campaign 1941 - 1942. They performed the last cavalry charge in American history against the Japanese, helping to cover the retreat of the rest of the Army. They charged firing their .45 Colt pistols and Springfield rifles against Japanese tanks and Infantry. Soon after the battle on January 16, 1942, they had to kill their horses as the Bataan peninsula fell because they could afford to feed them.

And we could really use some fast build Stuart tanks now.

Lots of need for heavy MGs at Pearl and the lot. A .50-caliber, water-cooled antiaircraft machine gun and US Navy Battleship Row Defender. These guns were used all over the Pacific in sandbag emplacements and on ships. They were at Wake Island and Philippines, so need not only Navy gunners but also gunners in Army uniforms.

Lots of individual acts to be commemorated at Pearl. Army Machine gunners at Hickam Field and there is a famous incident where a Marine is standing and firing his Colt .45 pistol at the Japanese planes. They admired his bravery and didn't shoot him.

Opana radar station with 2 operators. One guy sitting at desk on radio to put in truck (I am trying to build a truck from scratch) and a guy with binoculars scanning the sky. These guys can be used everywhere.

Chief Aviation Ordnanceman John William Finn firing an MG at Kaneohe Bay. He kept firing at planes even after being wounded. You need a sailor supplying him with more ammunition.

Pilots at Wheeler Field running to get fighter aircraft in the air. Maybe a pilot running to the plane or a groundcrew doing something.

Wake Island was defended by Marines for a long time kind of like the Alamo before they were defeated.

I think you'd be surprised at the cool possibilities and options these guys would open up if you Google some info on it.

Oh, I am really looking forward to this.

Re: to Strelets'R: new releases

The most encouraging thing about this theme is that Strelet actually reads the forum and considers suggestions! On suspects that too many other manufactures seem to think they know what the comsumer wants ie more third reich!

Question: Will the 'arms' format of artillery piece and crew continue? There are still so many WW1 medium/heavy artillery piece that have been ignored. Looking again at the figures for the 9.2" howitzer makes me think that a 60pdr with winter crew would fit well into this format.

Re: to Strelets'R: new releases

Not sure how long the CAD pictures of the 9.2" have been out but I have just noticed them. To say the least the pictures suggest the best 'Arms' series model yet. It looks more complicated than the previous artillery pieces but the finished produce looks a winner. There is one at the IWM London with a very interesting colour scheme.

Still think the staff officer figure (reminds me of field marshal Haig) with the flowing coat is one of your best creations!

Re: to Strelets'R: new releases

Dear RCD,

our capacity for CAD design was affected by a fire back in January.
The guy who did it for us worked in the premices that burned down.
We are trying to get round it but don't know when we will resume Arms series.
Best regards,


Re: to Strelets'R: new releases

Thanks again for responding to questions and suggestions - it is appreciated.

Sorry to hear of your misfortunues but it is encouraging that you are proposing new 11 sets. Clearly you have been seriously put at a disadvantage with the fire. Nice to know that there is a future possibility of more 'Arms' products.Certainly I like the format of artillery piece with crew at an affordable price.

I mentioned the 60pdr because there has a lot of data (ie the handbook) that has been on the Landship website and it was used over a long period by many countries and has a relatively simple shape.