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Re: to Kevin(2)

Thanks for the link.

Oh,yeah! A French Gendarme with pike, on foot, no less. I'll be ****ed!
That's unexpected. I'm not sure how they'd work in a wargame situation
but, it looks good, really good, nonetheless. I hope to see some mounted options

I've still not been able to locate any Red Box Landsknechts or Swiss at any stores here in the Midwest USA. I hope they arrive soon or I may be forced to re-up my PayPal!

Cheers, everyone!

Re: Redbox Ottoman Artillery


You've just made my day! Even though they may not be perfect for
the Napoleonic era, in my opinion they're close enough. Are you
familiar with Dr. Chris Flaherty's Ottoman Uniforms Website, you can
compare them for yourself. Here is the link:

At least they'll suffice till someone does come out with a proper
Napoleonic Ottoman Empire Artillery set.

Happy collecting,
Paul K.