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Re: Anyone seen the new Redbox ?

kevin drover
I've not seen them where I'm at (in Chicago). I hope they get here soon; I've
got a bundle of money burning a hole in my pocket that I could just as well spend
somewhere else!

im in chicagoland as well.check ebay u.s..there are a couple of sellers with sets as well as good shipping and retail prices.

Re: Anyone seen the new Redbox ?

Unfortunately I've sworn off ebay and thus PayPal, too. I wonder who in town will stock them?
Go Bears!

Re: Anyone seen the new Redbox ?

im from the western suburbs.any shops that i knew of,that would carry them has gone out of business.if you know of any in chicago that i might have missed,let me know.its been slim pickings recently trying to support local hobby shops.

bears win!

Re: Anyone seen the new Redbox ?

I'll second that. I'd love to support a local shop. These days, I usually go out of state to buy my mini's (there are a few places in Gopher and Badger Land that carry them).

What's up with that?