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1/72 Pegasus Hobbies - War against Fascism

"War against Fascism” by Pegasus Hobbies is a must for those modellers searching for iconic images of the Russian victory over the Third Reich, but inside there are available some German stuff, namely two soldiers, flags and banner, as well as few civilians and a horse.

This is one of the most out-of-ordinary and attractive 1/72 offers ever made, all poses, delivered in the highly praised quality of the company, truthfully transposing in the scale images depicted by WWII Russian propaganda posters or famous photographs and films shot in the period.

The below linked review analyse in depth the German soldiers, flags and banner, civilians and the horse, providing lots of related information on the topic of the set.

The review and a wide range of photos are here:

I hope you will enjoy these.

Cristian Florescu