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New Zvezda Napoleonic figures

Re: New Zvezda Napoleonic figures

I am disappointed but it's not totally unexpected, Only 6 figures in Only 4 poses compared to the big boxes with 40+ figures in 12 poses, I suppose technically there are still 40+ pieces in the box only you need 6 pieces to make up one soldier.

They all need to be re-based the huge Plinths they stand on are obviously for the board game to follow, why could they not give them a normal size base and supply the huge Plinths with the board game or sell them separately, even the colour for not painters is a muddy khaki not a nice mid green, I can only hope they are no bigger than 24mm.

On the plus side the quality of the actual figures is very good and they could be in the shops by Christmas.

More pictures

Thanks Jerzy for the heads up.

Re: New Zvezda Napoleonic figures

They look pretty good & rebasing them wouldn't be a real problem but to assemble enough, in the same pose, for a battalion (mine are 16 figures strong) would be a huge expense. And where are the command figures to come from? Officer, drummer, ensign & NCO for preference?

All in all this does NOT address the lack of decent Napoleonic 1812 infantry.

Re: New Zvezda Napoleonic figures

I miss Zvezda bigger box figure sets Hopefully hat will make their Russian infantry in 1/72 soon.

Re: New Zvezda Napoleonic figures

There will be a separate set for Command, which is awesome. I don't like the miniset system either, but at least this way I can get separate command bases, which is nice. Also, this way the poses I'd throw out anyway will not be included, only the firing-reloading-marching ones, and I'm totally okay with that. If you don't need them for their boardgame, they'll be excellent to round out odd units that need only a few men, or get some extra poses for your army.