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Re: Any News On...

Alan Buckingham
All the new Airfix sets have vanished from Airfix`s site, so I suspect that means a delay until next year for them at least.
I'm glad somebody else noticed that; thought I was going (more) crazy. Something else strange is that Airfix have this week re-released their B-Type bus (1/32 scale). Wasn't it in the same area on their website? So maybe, and this is pure wishful thinking, the sets have disappeared from their site because they are being released right now? Hannants says November 2014 for them, so something is not making sense.

Re: Any News On...

Looks like we need to re-right history a little WW1 1915-1919 so we can have our 100 year 1/72 scale commemoration next year

Re: Any News On...

I notice Zvezda have their Soviet Frontier Guards set illustrated on their web site (English) so I suppose it is about to be released. This set includes an Alsatian dog which is almost certainly a DAZ /3d mesh- I know it well. Concentrating on their current ranges and on the children's stuff seems to be their current policy. I can't fault that. The Soviet Militia set seems not to have a wide release or has not been released at all though this was illustrated a while back as imminent so all is not cut and dried. If they say the WWI sets have been postponed it usually means a) they have been postponed b)they have been ditched or c)they will be released when Disney makes a cartoon film of WWI.