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S*R Ancients Shield Transfers?

Dear Strelets,

I hope all is OK and looking better for our good friends in the Ukraine!

If I may ask, your sculptors have done such an impressive job of desiging Romans, Normans, and other Ancients that I've got, yes, thousands (1,000's) of them in my collection. And I'm a Colonial Era Collector.

So my point is, are there shield transfers (decals, etc.) for your sets that you know of?

Though I don't paint my figures, I've always hoped to find shield transfers for your Romans. They look like they could accept them.

So, are you aware of any? Or would you consider encouraging someone to make some?

Thank you for your consideration, Sirs! :-)

Re: S*R Ancients Shield Transfers?

Dear GarrisonClay,

alas, we don't have companies that we can recommend. Hopefully, some of our guests could help.

Best regards,


Re: S*R Ancients Shield Transfers?

veni vedi vici

Re: S*R Ancients Shield Transfers?

Showing off again Alan, quoting Caesar!

BTW: Alan is right, I've "cheated" and used their decals for my Romans and they work fine- particularly if the shields are left plain. Are they still in business? It's been awhile since I did any ancients.

Re: S*R Ancients Shield Transfers?

Dear Strelets,

Thank you for checking and your reply. Konrad's 2011 Contributions Roman Army (Part I) and Roman Army (Part II) show the finest shield transfers I've seen. I only wish I could get them!

Last week was especially good because I received four (4) boxes of your Roman Accessory sets of Construction, Hospital, Farmers and another. I'm so impressed with this range. I keep an Airfix Mile Fort set up on my shelf just so I can pull it down and set up with your guys in it. My personal favorite set is your Romans in Winter Dress. All the details, the helmet details, the shields, the faces, the uniforms, the poses ... simply captivate me. I love to plug in my favorite Roman battle movies and set-up your guys at the same time!

Lastly, I watch the news each evening and keenly take in the current events of the Ukraine / Crimea. As a kid, every night with my parents when I turned my light out, we recounted the good events of the day. Although without them these days, I still drift-off each night this way. Just want you to know, there isn't a day that closes without my appreciation for the S*R Team's efforts, their families, and your countrymen's safety.

"Sweet Dreams"