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Re: Go Scotland! Get Independence! The Best Thing Americans Did Was ...

Paint dog
The real winner of the Scottish referendum is democracy, and the UK government a close second.

The Westminster government has demonstrated its will to listen to Scots and its democratic roots by calling Scots to vote on their future. Something other governments which vainly claim to be democratic (all the while ignoring their own laws when it suits them) should learn. The Spanish one for example,negates the Catalans their right to vote for own future. If Scotland had of chosen 'Yes' I have no doubt it would have been a canny move & a great success for them....but not necessarily for the Free World which needs a strong & united UK.

However, it went the other way so congratulations to the Scottish people, for being able to vote for their future, and for the UK citizens as a whole for having a real democracy.

It looks like all four nations comprising the UK, not just Scotland may come out winners: "As support for independence surged before the vote, the political establishment in London scrambled to offer new powers of taxation and spending to Scotland—a policy the government said Friday it would extend to England, Northern Ireland and Wales." How does that relate to this forum? - strengthened spending power for all in the UK, including Strelets customers. Congrats Scotland!

Re: Go Scotland! Get Independence! The Best Thing Americans Did Was ...

Alan Buckingham
There is anecdotal proof from all the opinion poll done prior to the vote that says the more challenged intellectually a voter was,the more likely to vote yes,Dave would be first at the polling station to vote yes if Scotland had been so unlucky to have had him born there.

Alan's Anecdotal Proof - Total Fantasy by his own definition.

I'm sure Scotland isn't wishing you were born there either. I can promise you, thank God you weren't born in the U.S.

Re: Go Scotland! Get Independence! The Best Thing Americans Did Was ...

Divorce is inevitable.

Scotland is completely sold on devolution.

The English will never accept it - we don't want our country carving up into artificial regions - so the vote merely delays the ultimate separation.

Re: Go Scotland! Get Independence! The Best Thing Americans Did Was ...

the vote whether it passed or not was irrevelant because in just a few more years it will go to vote again and ,and they will probably win then,its just delaying the inevitable unless we all can convince them of a stronger unity,loss of money from the south ie taxes and job losses,come on we all were part of something else at sometime and together is always stonger,unless your rome or many of the other despot nations and empires