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Re: New Company/ Same Old!

Well, I must say I am thrilled with their Polish & German armour! We really need someone to keep tabs on when new quick kits come out! I would already be buying! My only complaint is one tank per box!

Re: New Company/ Same Old!

Well, I must say I am thrilled ...
Yeah, it makes a difference when it's in context, doesn't it.

Re: New Company/ Same Old!

Great products.

The Fiat trucks and FT17 should have wide appeal and the tracks and finish of the tanks are close to a detailed plastic kit so no problem there. The German figures don't look very good if those are the ones on the web site but possibly things will develop as the range widens. There are some excellent white metal figures of Polish troops which can be used with the FtoF vehicles see Marcin's pics on Henk's or Benno's sites.

Like a lot of new products now, availability seems to be an issue ie one or two of the 4Ps especially the place element seem to be not so strong.
"Putting the right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time."
or for the 4Ps bit:
product, place, price, promotion,

I can get pieczarki and Kwidzyn satatka obladova from my local supermarket but these plastic vehicles and figures have to be mail order. My love of Polish pickled mushrooms is almost a craving but I wouldn't bother with them if they had to be mail order. Maybe when the range develops I will go on one of those cheapo coaches to Warsaw and get a suitcase full of FtoF stuff .

BTW the pic of the knocked out PzII on the FtoF site is by the Life photographer Hugo Jaeger. I have managed to trawl about 100+ of his early WWII photos including a pic of a Polish FT17( I think) and a pic of 4 TKSs both in colour.