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Re: redbox swiss pike and halbedier boxart and figures

From previous posts on this forum, Haron himself suggested they will be
producing French Gendarmes (and Stradiots). He admittedly does not say it outright, but he certainly implied it. How could they not?

The point I was attempting to make was that if they do produce them, French Gendarmes that is, I was simply hoping the figures have that distinctively 'French' look to them, you know, full skirts, plumes, the 'potted plant' look on some of the helmets, fluted lances, etc. The DDS kit, and it is generally a good one, I own several boxes worth, simply does not cover that look well at all (besides, the horses in that kit are a bit dumpy looking. Here is an opportunity for Red Box, to add a better box of heavy cavalry to a much neglected period). I hope Red Box provides separate weaponry ala the DDS kit for any future cavalry for this period.

Like I have stated previously, I trust Red Box will be complete and give the period what it needs (like they've done to just about every other period they've produced thus far).

I have seen sneak peeks for the Italian wars artillery, and, obviously those are desperately needed. I wonder what the guns will look like? Will there be more than one type? Currently, I use 25mm metal artillery pieces from AG, they have fit real well with my plastics. Other needs for the period are some better Spaniards (is anyone else tired of converting Revell or Caesar Conquistadors? I know I am). Some Italians, especially Venetians would be awesome, and then maybe
some generic crossbowmen (for the Gascons, who had them up until 1520 or so). There are other needs too, but maybe we discuss them some other time.

Kind regards to everyone, oh, and thanks for Strelets for having a free and open forum!