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Re: It's September now, 1812 Americans should be coming soon, right Strelets?


you are absolutly right.Many men are dying and cities are under massive attacks, in this moment are existing other priorities that an arrival of a new miniature-box. We have to hope that the politicians will close their bloody games with the lives of ordinary peoble. We have to hope that peace will return to your country. It´s a tragedy that happens today which doesn´t get better with "friends" in the west who seems to use this war only for their avantage.

It´s really a minor problem when the next boxes will been avaible. Peace for Ukrainia has to be our hope and the return to normal life and production.

Re: Supporting Strelets


you probably don't quite realise what's going on just about 150 miles from the place where we manufacture our products.
Have a look (on the bottom of the article there's a short TV report):
Under these circumstances to meet a certain anniversary deadline is a..., well, not a priority.

Best regards,


Dearest Strelets,

Thank you very much for posting the News Link. Since then, I've spent my nights after my wife goes to bed watching the embedded videos and also using Google Translate to understand many of the comments at the bottom of the link. I've seen pictures of soldiers and friends toasting fallen commrades at their improvised graves, and others of teenagers also involved.

My overwheming feeling is it just cuts a piece out of my heart.

But when you reinforce you commitment to your production keeping history alive, and ask for patience given the Strelets overall process, I hope you realize, I can't wait to be able to support you and your friends by buying your excellent products, not just for me, but in some small way, my support like your commitment, will improve your lives also - just like you do for us.

I salute you - The Strelets Team - Real Soldiers!