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Re: New Red BOX Landsknechts and ORION Panzer Crews

Thanks nice about the Panzer crews, but would you consider WWII American tank crews and summer and winter artillery crews?

(but only if it doesn't delay 16th-17th century 'New World' sets too much! ;) )

Re: New Red BOX Landsknechts and ORION Panzer Crews

You mean Russ alitlery?
please show them ,and please consider making late Russ /XV=XVI/ feudal infatry(Arquebus/Halbard)as well.They have no representation in 1/72 scale.
Thank you so much.

Re: New Red BOX Landsknechts

Hello Haron (and I hope Jerzy will forgive me for hi-jacking his thread), I just wanted to thank you for the great sets you sculpted for us collectors, bei it Red Box or Orion. They are much appreciated, and I hope we will see many more sculpts of yours! Regards, Pa