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Re: Best 1/72 Pack Mules?


Paste this into your browser & you'll get taken to a picture at The Hinton Hunter.

I guess 20mm but this doesn't make much difference to me with figures. With animals, less so.

They're either large mules or small donkeys.


Re: Best 1/72 Pack Mules?

Ah. Thank you. It seems Hinton Hunt are no longer in production and rather expensive on ebay.

I found two for £2.50 from East Riding Miniatures:

And there are the Strelets ones in the various baggage trains.

The Australian one in Matchbox's set.

Two resin ones from Nikolai for €8.07

Two metal ones from Valdemar for €6.50 (Valdemar figures are very nice!):

But I still don't know which way to go!

Re: Best 1/72 Pack Mules?

PDA: a friend of mine in Wales owns the HH moulds.

If you want to buy the HH mules, they aren't that dear.
I can give you his email.

Re: Best 1/72 Pack Mules?

Paint dog
...I can give you his email.
That'd be great - maybe there is some other stuff in his possession that I might be interested in; screw guns and Hales rockets, for example. As long as you don't open him up to loads of spam. Wonder if I know him?!