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Detail parts for 1/72 scale tanks

I've been building some Armourfast vehicles for assorted armies and I was wondering if someone can recommend a source for simple detail parts like gear to attach/make them more interesting(1/72 scale).


Re: Detail parts for 1/72 scale tanks

Rob, most metal and resin manufacturers do one or another set. Trawl the Detail and Accessory section of
for starters. Wee Friends might be one of many interesting manufacturers. All these are in 1/72.

Mind that there is lots in 1/76 as well. There will be few to tell you your jerrycan, tarp roll, box or crate is a mm short. Weapons, helmets and especially spare wheels and track sections might seem a tad small at times. Check the web for SHQ, Milicast and MMS. Regards, Pa