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Best 1/72 Pack Mules?

A few sets include Pack Mules, but which one offers the best value for money if you just want the mules, and are the mules in it well sculpted?

I've looked through PSR at length, and I've looked at some resin ones not covered by PSR. I think I've seen one or two in white metal.

But I can't decide which mules are best.

Re: Best 1/72 Pack Mules?

Hinton Hunt.

3 types :loaded with barrels, boxes & loose in a net.

And you can order as many as you like (I know the guy with the moulds)

NB they paint up better than this.

Re: Best 1/72 Pack Mules?

Sorry, Paint Dog, but I can\'t follow your link. Can you paste it in again please, but with (url] at the start and (/url] at the end (with square brackets not these curvaceous ones!)

And are Hinton Hunt 1/72?

Re: Best 1/72 Pack Mules?


Paste this into your browser & you'll get taken to a picture at The Hinton Hunter.

I guess 20mm but this doesn't make much difference to me with figures. With animals, less so.

They're either large mules or small donkeys.


Re: Best 1/72 Pack Mules?

Ah. Thank you. It seems Hinton Hunt are no longer in production and rather expensive on ebay.

I found two for £2.50 from East Riding Miniatures:

And there are the Strelets ones in the various baggage trains.

The Australian one in Matchbox's set.

Two resin ones from Nikolai for €8.07

Two metal ones from Valdemar for €6.50 (Valdemar figures are very nice!):

But I still don't know which way to go!

Re: Best 1/72 Pack Mules?

PDA: a friend of mine in Wales owns the HH moulds.

If you want to buy the HH mules, they aren't that dear.
I can give you his email.

Re: Best 1/72 Pack Mules?

Paint dog
...I can give you his email.
That'd be great - maybe there is some other stuff in his possession that I might be interested in; screw guns and Hales rockets, for example. As long as you don't open him up to loads of spam. Wonder if I know him?!